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Greetings and Welcome to RAYMONDBOLDUC.COM!

My name, if you haven’t yet gathered, is Raymond Bolduc.  The ultimate goal of this site is to spark the interest of the general public and provide them a safe-haven for not only critiquing my Blogs, but also to share their own opinions and views on the material posted.  Admittedly, the majority of the Blogs here will be sports-related; however, the topics covered will certainly pertain to a wide variety of contemporary affairs.  It is infinitely important that I put my best efforts forth in publishing family-friendly Blogs.

That said, it’s an unmeasurably high priority of mine to post material that is in NO way disrespectful, distasteful, discriminatory or otherwise humiliating.  However, it is understood that there is no sure-fire way to please everyone.  Therefore, I issue each and every one of you a formal apology should I unintentionally offend you in any of the afore-mentioned categories.

To elaborate on my prime objective, I feel that the majority of the general public aren’t heard of in enough capacity.  The “Bill of Rights” promises all American citizens the “Right to Free Speech”.  Of course, the rampant use of censorship and lawful punishment thereafter may do well in contradicting that promise.  Here on RAYMONDBOLDUC.COM, however, I can assure you that your voice can be heard WITHOUT fear of being censored.  While I can assure you all that I will do my best in policing my choice of words and subject matter, I can NOT assure you that the views and expressed opinions of those visitors who may choose to respond to my Blogs will follow the same guidelines.

Let this serve as my Official DISCLAIMER to you:  The views and expressed opinions of myself and the site’s visitors DOES NOT necessarily reflect those expressed by you or by any affiliations of RAYMONDBOLDUC.COM.  The author hereby formally apologizes if you should feel uncomfortable with the subject matter or should you feel disrespected, discriminated or otherwise humiliated with the subject matter.  The author shall serve as a mediator when needed and, in addition, shall do his best in monitoring visitor’s posts as to make sure all responses are relevant to the subject matter and are not “out-of-line”.  The author hereby states his authority in being the judge of what should be deemed “relevant” and/or “out-of-line“.

Again, thank you for visiting RAYMONDBOLDUC.COM!  I encourage you to post your opinions and views, whether they agree with mine or not!  I am a strong advocate of free speech.  I hope that my Blogs will make you “think“.  I hope that my Blogs inspire you to “make your opinion known“.  In my estimation, there are those that may feel as if their opinions either aren’t warranted or simply don’t amount to anything.  I’m here to tell you that, as far as I’m concerned, your opinion is more important to the purpose of this site than is my own!

Check back for periodic updates and for the chance to make YOUR voice be heard!


Night Panorama of Downcity Providence, RI (USA)


If you have any questions, comments or concerns and would like to address them directly to the author of this website, please feel free to send any e-mails to “rbolduc@lifespan.org” or to contact Raymond Bolduc on either Facebook or Twitter using the provided links or either of the following: Add Raymond on Facebook! or Follow Raymond on Twitter!


raymondbolduc.com. Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.


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