PLAYOFFS?! BCS Commissioners agree to terms

June 20, 2012


BCS-haters rejoice!

In a move sure to be well-received by fans of college football nationwide, BCS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick have reached a mutual agreement to endorse a four-team ‘playoff’ system to ultimately crown a true BCS National Champion.  School presidents are yet to give their seal of approval, but the general consensus is that all are on-board and will look to put pen-to-paper as soon as possible.  The BCS presidential oversight committee will meet on June 26th in Washington, D.C. and give their decision.  The POC is also expected to discuss other formats which have been suggested, including the “plus-one” model supported by Big Ten and Pac-12 presidents.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban hoists “The Coaches’ Trophy”, awarded to the BCS National Champion, whom looks to soon be determined by a four-team playoff format.

The four schools selected to compete in the proposed playoff would be selected by a committee that would take things such as strength of schedule and conference championships into account.  The two semi-final games would still be played in already existing Bowl games, with the National Championship being played in the highest-bidding city.

Should the proposal be approved, the current BCS system, which has come under much scrutiny since its inception in 1998, would remain in-use until 2014.

This announcement was first reported by ESPN.
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